Rufus Reigns at Westminster 2006

An animated and confident Bull Terrier classic wins the famed show.

On Day Two of the 130th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the Sporting, Hound, and Herding groups were judged, with breed competition during the day and groups in the evening.

Sporting Group
Judge Michael Faulkner presided over the Sporting Group that saw many popular breeds and uncommon ones, too, strutting their stuff for an appreciative audience. Golden Retriever Ch. Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel was Faulkner’s choice for first place as the crowd roared its approval. Group Second went to the Irish Setter Ch. Jewelset’s Up Up N Away, while the buff Cocker Spaniel Ch. Pandora Picturesque claimed third place. When Ch. Riverwatch Southern Cross won fourth, he made history as the first Curly-Coated Retriever to
ever place in a Westminster Sporting Group. 

Hound Group
Hounds took to the ring under judge Dr. Donald Sturz Jr., who gave Scottish Deerhound Ch. Thistleglen Margot the nod for first place. With her floating movement and graceful demeanor, Margot has been winning many friends for this rare sighthound breed. Group Second went to the 15-inch Beagle, Ch. Windkist A Walk In The Park. Another pair of elegant sighthound ladies rounded out the group: Saluki Ch. Shahtani Tropical Breeze in third and Whippet Ch. Eclipse Envy O Sportingfield in fourth.


Other crowd pleasers in this group included the sassy Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Ch. Celestial CJ’s Jolly Fairchild and the famous Bloodhound Knotty (Ch. Heather’s Knock On Wood), last year’s Hound Group winner.

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