Ruffing It

Camps designed for dogs and dog lovers make a splash.

Jack Russell TerrierAccording to a recent DogChannel poll, more than 25 percent of you take your dog on vacation. And while a majority of these trips typically revolve around human activities, an increasing number of people are heading to camps designed exclusively for dogs and dog lovers.

For $450 to $1,300 per person, campers enjoy activities such as agility, obedience training, swimming and hiking, in addition to traditional camp offerings but with a twist: campfire nights include dog treats, and talent shows feature dog and owner performances. One camp even bestows doggie merit badges in a variety of Boy Scout-worthy activities.

If this sounds like fun for your family, act quickly: camp reservations fill up fast.

Camp Dogwood
Chicago, Ill.
Upcoming dates: May 26 28; October 6 9

Just for fun: Nightly movies, talent show, arts and crafts workshops, backpacking, doggie Olympics and canine massage workshop.

Traditional activities: Agility, behavior training, lure coursing, rally-o, swimming, and health and behavior workshops.

Camp Gone to the Dogs
Putney, Vt.
Upcoming dates: June 4 10; Sept. 3 9; Sept. 10 16

Just for fun: Skateboarding for dogs, dock diving, drill team, costume party.

Traditional activities: Herding, breed-handling classes, obedience, Canine Good Citizen test preparation.

Dog Scout Camp
St. Helen, Mich.
Upcoming dates: June 19 24; July 17 22; Sept. 15 – 17

Just for fun: Dogs earn merit badges in 60 different activities including water rescue and backpacking; panhandling classes teach dogs how to perform fundraiser tricks like taking a dollar bill from a donor.

Traditional activities: Obedience, tracking, agility, terrier steeplechase, clicker training.

Dog Days of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wis.
Upcoming dates: August 18 21; August 25 28

Just for fun: Doggie makeovers, arts and crafts workshops, dog trick contest, sunrise canoe trip, water games, aromatherapy workshop.

Traditional activities: Rally, obedience, agility, therapy dog evaluation, tracking.

Posted: April 27, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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