Rosie The Kayaking Kitten Sees Her First Snow

Watch Rosie the Kitten-Who-Thinks-She's-a-Husky dip toes in this cat's first snow.

Rosie's rollin' with the pack.

Rosie the rescue kitten has been winning our hearts ever since she made her online debut alongside her adoptive Husky pack. She has gone on to accomplish feats that are virtually unheard of for a feline (we’re talking everything from kayaking to paddleboard excursions). Now, the little kitten that could is taking on something new: the snow!

In a video uploaded last week by Rosie’s family, the kitten, who is growing bigger by the day, experiences snow in Lake Tahoe for the very first time alongside her beloved Husky pack.

Although Rosie clearly isn’t as thrilled with the icy wet stuff as her canine counterparts, she definitely makes the best of it — and manages to the find the joy in the moment!

Watch the video above; and since one video is never enough when it comes to Rosie and the Huskies, take a peek at some of her personal snowy vacation snapshots below!

Lakeside Group Shot:

Made a trip to see the lake! It was so cold, but the scenery was AMAZING?? #liloandrosie

A photo posted by Lilo, Infinity, & Rosie (@lilothehusky) on

First Snow Outing:

Chilling (literally):

Clearly Rosie would have survived #Blizzard2016 like a pro!

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