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I just came upon an interesting e-mail, apparently from someone being kept up at night by a bird singing outside the window at 3AM everyday. They wanted to know who could be the culprit.

I can pretty much rule out parrots. I have never known one to sing while the lights are off and it’s dark outside. Parrots cherish a good night’s sleep as much as we do. In fact, I distinctly recall being “told off” by my Amazon once when I got up before dawn to catch a flight and turned the light on near his cage looking for something. It must have been not too far past 3 o’clock in the morning, and he uttered an emotional “Ahhhhhhhh!” It was practically inaudible but the intonation was clearly; “Are you out of your mind?!” Nope it’s definitely not a grouchy Amazon.

My conure is capable of a cheerful greeting no matter what time of day, but not in the dark, so I doubt it’s a conure. And my ’tiel would possibly let out a whistle or two if he were presented a perfectly polished mirror, but again, not in the dark or even on a moonlit night.

I did some research, and it leads me back to the bird that I can’t seem to get away from lately: the mockingbird. Apparently, the “male virtuoso sings his repertoire anytime day or night to attract a female. This behavior occurs during breeding season in late spring and early summer.” I suppose it’s the mocking birds’ version of E-Harmony, putting himself out on a limb (or a chimney top or TV antenna) hoping to meet his summer love; for their sake, hopefully he meets her soon.

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