Romancing the Cat

Five ways your new love can win over your cat.


You’ve done it! After years of searching for someone who connects like a dream with your personality, you have located that special person. Suddenly there’s a yin to your yang; a Batman to your Robin; a person to occupy that second seat on your bicycle built for two. For once you feel as if there is truly someone in this world who understands your wants, needs and desires. You should be floating on cloud nine, right? Wrong! There is still someone in your life who needs to give his seal of approval to your burgeoning relationship… your cat.

“I strongly urge clients to think long and hard about their pets in romantic scenarios and to remember that the pets were often their first commitment,” says Ingrid Johnson, feline behavior consultant at Paws, Whiskers and Claws, The Feline Hospital in Marietta, Ga. “The animals are innocent bystanders in these situations, providing nothing but unconditional love, and they deserve consideration before taking steps into a relationship.”

Your new significant other may have won over your heart, but winning over your feline counterpart’s heart is a whole other ballgame.

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