Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. Fluval Pond Filter with UV Review

Rolf C. Hagen, Inc.'s Fluval Pond Filter has a built-in UV sterilizer and can clear up pond water problems.

With any pond, indoors or out, filtration is very important. The continued health of the fish and plants depends on the pond filter, and the Hagen Fluval Pond Filter with UV is an excellent piece of equipment that maintains a pond in peak health.

Fluval Pond Filter

The Claims
Hagen claims that the Fluval Pond Filter will do an excellent filtering job and that with the built-in UV, algae and other pollutants in the water column will be eliminated.

The Tests
I tested the Fluval Pond Filter in three different situations.
1) A 120-gallon aquarium with four large koi fish that was completely green from algae
2) My 300-gallon indoor pond that has koi and goldfish
3) My 2,500- to 3,000-gallon outside pond that also has koi and goldfish
All three of these situations were excellent tests of a typical less-than-perfect situation.

The Results
120-gallon aquarium with four large koi and green water. This aquarium gets four hours of direct sunlight, and I was holding four 14-inch koi in it that I was preparing to give to a friend of mine. The green water was a delight for the koi, but I couldn’t see into the aquarium. In one week, the Fluval Pond Filter completely cleared the aquarium. There was absolutely no trace of green water, and the fish were in great shape.

300-gallon indoor pond. This pond is in the entrance to my home, and it is surrounded by plants and a tall waterfall on one side of the pond. There are six 12- to 18-inch koi, a few goldfish and a couple of plecos contained in it. I put the Fluval Pond Filter on the pond for no more than three or four days, and the difference was incredible. The water was crystal clear.

2,500- to 3,000-gallon outdoor pond. This was the ultimate test for the Fluval Pond Filter. All last summer, I ran the pond on a very undersized filter, so the water was a mess. I topped it off with new water and ran the Fluval Pond Filter for a week, cleaning it every other day. I then put in eight ryukin goldfish, and a week later I added 15 6-inch koi. After 10 days, I could see into the pond, and by two weeks I could clearly see the fish as they grubbed along the bottom.

The Fluval Pond Filter with UV is a terrific pond filter. It is strongly constructed, and it is simple to assemble and operate. The hose for the intake from the pump and for the return to the pond are completely different types, and the intake and outflow nipples on the filter are clearly marked. There is also a back-flush option, including two curved semicircles on the sides of the foam filters that can be moved up and down to aid in cleaning the filter by backwashing. In addition to this cleaning method, it is easy to unplug and take the filter apart to wash the filter sponges.
The Fluval Pond Filter with UV is an excellent product. It comes in different sizes for different size ponds.

Rolf C. Hagen, Inc.
Fluval Pond Filter with UV


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