Rock Star’s Daughter Co-Hosts Pet TV Show

A new show that focuses on educating pet owners features the dog-loving daughter of a famous musician.

Nine-year-old Electra Mustaine is no stranger to fame, although for the most part she’s experienced it indirectly – until now.

Electra’s father is Dave Mustaine, singer and guitarist for metal band Megadeth and former member of Metallica. But now it’s Electra’s turn to share some time in the spotlight.

She will co-host a new television show “Faithful Friends” with Wanda Goldberg, a stuntwoman and wife of retired professional wrestler Bill Goldberg. Dogs, kittens, miniature horses, hedgehogs and chinchillas are just a few of the animals slated to appear on the show that’s currently filming in Bonsall, Calif. The show will give viewers an array of professional advice on caring for their pets.

Electra will lead the “Itty Bitty Buddy” segments that focus on the needs of smaller pets ranging from chinchillas to hedgehogs to hermit crabs and more.

Electra landed the acting gig after Goldberg requested her for the job.

“They wanted a little girl for the show,” Electra said. “Wanda thought it would be fun to do it with me. This is my first television show. It has been something I have always wanted to do.”

Electra films about four to five segments a day for “Faithful Friends” and working with animals, she never knows what to expect.

“One time we were filming and after we got through the first sentence, the hedgehog started pooping in Wanda’s hand,” Electra said. “I was just mesmerized by it  I was just starring at it the whole time and I just felt so bad for her, I mean I would have been disgusted. I didn’t know how I did it, but I just kept going!”

Juggling work and school is no problem for Electra, as it’s not her first time in front of the camera – she’s appeared in an online music video with her father and 15-year-old brother.

“I have worked on my dad’s music videos before,” she said. “My brother and I were Tarzan and Jane and we were digging for bones and then we discovered a door and my dad was there in a studio … It was funny to watch my dad because he was banging around in his chair and on his knees; I thought he was going to fall over but he didn’t! All my friends came over for Bible study and I was like ‘guys come check this out!’ because I was so excited and they loved it.”

Having owned several pets herself, Electra has plenty of experience working with a variety of animals. She currently has a dog, three chickens, and a miniature horse. In the past she has owned hamsters, bunnies, cats, dogs and even hermit crabs. She enjoys riding horses and competes in riding events and has played other sports including basketball, softball, and soccer.

She has also traveled the world with her family. Some of the places she has visited include London, France, Canada, Michigan, Washington and Australia.

“When we went to Australia we rode camels on the beach, and of course my dad was on the back camel on his cell phone,” she said. “We also went to the Australian zoo and my dad got us into the cages to feed the animals. We feed koalas, porcupines, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, owls and a bunch of other animals … Having a dad as a rock star is fun because you get to go to a lot of places, but you don’t get to spend a lot of time with him because he is always on the road. When he is home and you get to go to the places he goes it’s fun. But his band mates are kind of weird!”

In her free time, Electra hangs out with her friends, some of whom she hasn’t revealed her new acting career to.

“I haven’t told my friends,” she said. “I told my new friends at my new school, but not my best friend. Her brother always watches animal stuff on television and I want to surprise her. My other friends think its pretty cool and they’re willing to help me with my lines. They’re pretty good about it.”

The syndicated show will air weekly nationwide beginning in early 2008 and will include 13 half-hour episodes. Pet-owning celebrities and renowned veterinarians will also appear on the show. Doctors Foster and Smith are the primary sponsors and supporters of “Faithful Friends.”

-Melissa Ash, Editorial Newswriting Intern for

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