Rock-Climbing Cat Is Gym Goals In Action

Lalah the tortie has mastered the equipment at an Okinawa gym.

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And she doesn't even need to wear those weird rock-climbing shoes. Via Boulbaka/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

Ever feel intimidated at the gym — the equipment you don’t know how to use and the people whose gym face you can’t understand? Well, take inspiration from one gym regular who handles it like a pro, even though she’s new.

Lalah the cat suavely scales the walls at climbing gym Boulbaka in Okinawa, Japan, according to the gym’s Facebook page. Video shows her climbing from hold to hold, looking for the right spot to go to next and smoothly getting to the top.

“She must have been eager for climbing up to the top before she became proper size to reach to the next hold (colored rocks) while watching people climbing every day,” a post reads.





Posted by bouldering gym BOULBAKA on Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We understand the enthusiasm. When you’re on the outside looking in, you want to try out what all these folks are doing, and seeming to love.




Posted by bouldering gym BOULBAKA on Thursday, October 20, 2016

“In the last few weeks, her growth made it possible for it,” the Facebook post continued. “So, she did it! We never trained her. She just accomplished her desire with no help.”

That’s where our experiences differ. Navigating the giant machines doesn’t come naturally to us. Unless it’s the sauna. That desire, we can accomplish with no help.

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