Robot Dog Tries To Play With Real Dog, Real Dog Not At All Fooled

Google's robot dog Spot is trying to blend in, but this actual dog is not buying it.

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"I don't know what you are, but you're definitely not one of us." Via jurvetson/YouTube

When it comes to making new friends, those in the dog world are more welcoming with each other than those of us in the human world. No doubt about it.

But when a robot enters the equation, four-legged and two-legged creatures share a mutual wariness.

A video uploaded to YouTube by jurvetson shows the moment a real dog meets a robot dog named Spot. And… it doesn’t go well.

Via jurvetson/YouTube

“GET OFF MY LAWN.” Via jurvetson/YouTube

Spot is a dog-like robot developed by Google’s Boston Dynamics Group. But despite the four legs, friendly demeanor and lifelike play stance, the real dog isn’t buying it.

Via jurvetson/YouTube

“Oh, you wanna dance? Let’s dance.” Via jurvetson/YouTube

He sees there is no butt to sniff, no tail to wag and no paws to swat, and so he barks non-stop at poor ol’ Spot.

Via jurvetson/YouTube

“And stay out!” Via jurvetson/YouTube

Spot eventually gives up and lies down (or, at least the human controlling him makes he do that), and if he had a tail, we’re sure it would be between his legs. Better luck next time, buddy.

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