Robot Cat Could Help Seniors Have Pet Interaction

Petting a cat: Soothing. Cleaning up after a cat: At times stressful. Hasbro has created a solution for seniors who might have a hard time caring for cats.

It’s a known fact that petting a cat can reduce blood pressure, and work as a stress reliever – especially for senior citizens; but not everyone has the ability to care for a living, breathing feline – regardless of how effective they are at providing constant TLC. Hasbro, known for their ultra-realistic children’s Fur Real animal toys, understands that; thus, they’ve created the Joy For All product range – aka robo animals.

Developed to quell the loneliness of senior citizens who crave company, but may be unable to keep a real pet, Hasbro’s Joy For All line is geared to feature multiple robotic animals, with the first release in the collection being a cat.

Available in three different colors (silver with white paws, white, or orange tabby), and retailing for $99.00, Robo Cat is anything but a standard, static stuffed animal; having the ability to meow, purr, and respond to being hugged and stroked. To make the fluffy feline even more realistic, there is a form of vibration within the cat, allowing the petter to feel the pulsation when it purrs.

Though some are skeptical about the type of companionship one can obtain from an overall inanimate object, those who have had hands on experience with the kitty are convinced that they can be life-changing.

“When [my mom] started petting that cat, [she] said that it felt like love,” a woman named Phyllis stated in a testimonial.
“That just touched my heart, because she’s so full of love, and it’s nice that she can have some in her life.”

Would you ever contemplate a Joy For All robo cat for the loved one in your life?

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