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Here’s Robin Williams Starring As A Talking Dog In His Final Film, ‘Absolutely Anything’

In his last movie role, the late Robin Williams plays a talking dog named Dennis, and as usual, he is hilarious.

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Dennis the dog, voiced by Robin Williams, shines in this new trailer for "Absolutely Anything."

Robin Williams continues to leave behind brilliant pieces of his incomparable talent for his fans. And that very last piece is that of a talking dog named Dennis.

In his final film, “Absolutely Anything,” Williams plays Dennis the Dog, the canine sidekick and pet to Simon Pegg’s Neil Clarke. The movie’s first trailer was posted to YouTube this week by LionsGateFilmsUK and has been making the Internet rounds ever since.

Dennis is not the menace, this time. Via YouTube

Dennis is not the menace, this time. Via YouTube

In the movie, scheduled to hit U.K. theaters on Aug. 14, 2015, Dennis is given the ability to speak like a human after Neil is given the power to do anything by a group of power-hungry aliens monitoring human activity. Neil makes a series of greedy and unfortunate decisions, because OF COURSE HE DOES. Everything from having his utensils feed him without the use of his hands, to getting a fit beach bod, to raising the dead, Neil tackles every wish most of us would make given the same opportunity. Then he calls on Dennis to be his guide.

Spolier Alert: Dennis the dog has unbelievable comedic timing.  Via YouTube

Spoiler Alert: Dennis the dog has unbelievable comedic timing. Via YouTube

Aside from Pegg and Williams, the film is packed with stars like Kate Beckinsale and Monty Python members, including John Cleese and Terry Gilliam. From just the trailer, this movie is clearly going to give viewers a heartfelt final look at the sheer talent Robin Williams was blessed with — and offer several healing laughs in the process. Which we all still very much need.

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