Ringing The Bell

Just like Pavlov’s dog, a rung bell around here elicits a similar response amongst us editors, although perhaps without the visible salivating. Whenever there’s a birthday to celebrate or other reason to gather around our coffee area “trough table,” a designated someone picks up a little gold hand bell and walks across the department ringing it. We then pop up from our chairs and head over to the table. It is a very efficient system and a sound we look forward to, especially around 2 or 3 PM, when your light lunch might start to wear off.

 Now with BIRD TALK, we get a lot of bird toys in to try out or to give out as a reader rewards. Anyone with birds knows that a good many bird toys have bells. So imagine this scenario: Jessica Pineda, associate editor, receives a UPS package, opens it and pulls out a new bird toy with a shiny new bell jingling. Heads pop up over the cube walls as people try to discern, “Was that the trough bell?”  Then we point to the toy; “False alarm.”

 We’re trying to be a little more discreet when opening packages … and hopefully saving others from the embarrassment of gathering around an empty table with plate in hand.

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