Ring In The Holidays With Ferrets Magazine

The holidays are here, and we're bringing you content to help you and your ferret this season.

They’re here! They’re finally here! It’s the holidays! Are you ready with your cameras to capture all the heartwarming and silly moments that are bound to happen? Remember, if you catch your ferret doing something too cute not to share, be sure to upload it on the video section of our site. If it’s a still photo, post it on your ferret’s Club Critter page. Everyone loves to see videos and photos!

In this season of goodwill, Rebecca Stout tells the amazing story behind Critter Camp, a rescue and sanctuary for all types of exotic pets. This installment marks the end of the Ferret Superstars column. But Rebecca will be back in February with a new column that begins with the funniest ferret stories from ferret owners just like you. Got a funny, true ferret story? Let us know by January 5th! Click here to send us an e-mail>>

This month we’re continuing our quest to help you through the holidays. In November, we brought you tips on making a ferret-themed Christmas tree and the holiday gift guide. This month, ta da, April Pietrocovo offers tips on how to get your holiday shopping done and benefit ferrets at the same time; A real win-win!

There’s lots more to explore in this issue, including the latest column by Alexandra Sargent-Colburn; more answers from Dr. Karen Rosenthal on health topics and Ailigh Vanderbush on everything else; a chance to win a Weasel In Da Box in the Product SpotlightJeremy Vickneswaran’s latest cartoon; and upcoming articles on ferret showing, cold-weather care and first aid. Check back every Monday through December 22nd to see each article debut.

Here’s wishing all the best to you and your family (ferrets included). Happy holidays!

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