Right On, Target!

Oh, it is that time of year again. The time when I go to Target and buy some more under $10 t-shirts with bird motifs. There is nothing like the Target t-shirt. They are thin and comfortable and cheap, cheap, cheap. There is always some kind of bird print, too. And I do love to show by bird spirit with a t-shirt.

This month, I found two t-shirts. One is blue, with some wild birds on a tree and some of the birds are this shiny silver. The other one is orange and shows an outline of two birds, which I believe can be called parrots. At least they look close enough like parrots that I’m going to pretend they are. Yeah!

My favorite thing to do is wear a suit or dress pants and stick the bird t-shirt on – kind of jazz up the professional wardrobe. Other bird t-shirts depress me as they are typically made for men. They are usually thick and drop right down from the shoulder to the waist without tapering. This means they are too big on top for me and then suddenly become too small as they hit my hips. The Target t-shirts fit the form better. These t-shirts are also great for guys. I have bought my husband many bird t-shirts in manly dark colors. Since he doesn’t really care what he wears as long as it doesn’t look feminine, he walks around in bird t-shirts too. Once again, this is all for under $10.

If anyone else out there knows of some great bird t-shirts and great prices, let me know. We love them here at Bird Talk and BirdChannel.com.

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