Richard Pryor’s Legacy of Love for Dogs

Comedian’s widow talks about the dream they shared: saving homeless dogs.

Jennifer Lee Pryor, the widow of comedian Richard Pryor, thinks the best way to honor her late husband is to carry on his love for animals.

“Richard always had a connection to animals, this passion,” Pryor told “Even when he was ill and could no longer perform, he could still find great purpose and great meaning with his work with animals.”

Pryor says the couple’s shared love of dogs is what led the one-time divorced couple to reconcile. Together they established Pryor’s Planet, a dog rescue organization that currently cares for 46 dogs with the help of several volunteers, though Pryor says she can always use more. “We could use really reliable people and donations, of course – they’re tax deductible – they are always welcome, too!”

And while she still misses her late husband, who died in 2005, she says she finds great meaning in taking care of unwanted animals. “Cesar Millan [from the National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” series] told me something the other day, which is very true. Dogs don’t care if you are a celebrity, or rich or poor, or if your bag is Gucci or Prada … they just want to be loved unconditionally.”

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