Rewarding Dog’s Fast Command Response

Getting a dog to respond to commands more quickly takes switching up rewards.

Q. What is the best way to get my dog to react right away to commands? I’m in 4H and am training my Standard Poodle, but it would be nice if I could get him to sit, heel, etc., faster.

A. I’m sure you must be rewarding your Poodle when he does what you tell him, all good trainers do that, and it sounds like he is responding accurately to commands. You can use treat rewards to speed up your dog response. Reward quicker responses with a treat and slower responses with just a word of praise. To earn the yummy treats, he’ll figure out he needs to act more quickly.

This only works if the dog truly does know what the command means. So, when first teaching any new skill, reward every correct response. Only switch to better rewards for faster responses when your dog is at least 98 percent accurate on performing the new command.

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