Rethink Your Stance on Cats in Hats

A new book of DIY cat hat patterns could make a convert out of cat-clothing opponents.


Have you ever tried to put adornments on your cats, like costumes, hats or novelty collars? If you did it successfully without needing bandages, and with an amused cat, congratulations. I had no such luck. When on a recent Halloween night, I slipped an orange and black joker collar with jingle bells on the neck of my black cat — G.G., short for “Gormly Girl” — pitched a fit.


Although many cats don’t tolerate being dressed up in anything the way dogs do, the sight of a kitty wearing some kind of hat or other costume is nonetheless adorable. Check out author Sara Thomas’ new photo book “Cats in Hats: 30 Knit and Crochet Patterns For Your Kitty” (Running Press; $16.50). The colorful craft book has step-by-step instructions for  making adorable and whimsical hats – like the Bunny, Dinosaur, Turkey, Pink Mohawk and Reindeer Antlers — with feline models wearing them. The looks on the cats’  faces are priceless, with some being sweet and others hysterically funny. Some of the cats look content and entertained, while others have an underlying “You’ve-got-to-be-freaking-kidding-me” twinge in their eyes. And it’s all in good fun.


This book is worth a look just for the cute photos, even if you don’t crochet or knit, which I’ve never done myself. But if you enjoy making  textiles with your hands and love cats, you will especially get a kick out of this.
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