Dogs Can Now Order Delivery From This Thai Restaurant

A Thai restaurant chain in Ireland has added a dog treat to its delivery menu, and from the menu description, it sounds like you might want to order one for yourself, too.

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Camile Thai restaurants in Dublin, Ireland, have added a dog treat to its delivery menu. VIa Camile Thai/Twitter

If Irish dog owners notice some strange phone numbers on their Androids or see some unexpected charges on their credit card bill, it could be because their pets are taking advantage of a Dublin restaurant’s latest offering.

OK, we don’t really expect dogs to call the Camile Thai chain on their own (you try holding a phone without your thumbs) but we wouldn’t blame them if they did. Camile, which serves “French-inspired Asian cooking,” has recently added a dog treat to its delivery menu.

The new menu item, which Camile calls “the world’s first delivery dog treat,” is a rice pudding and mango coulis, served with Madeleine biscuits. The treat can be ordered from Camile’s nine Dublin locations for €2.95 ($3.30).

According to a tweet posted by Camile Thai, the treat is a cure for “sad puppy dog eyes” — but it also could be the cause of a lot of jealousy. That treat looks 100 percent better than most of the human meals we’ve had lately. Several satisfied customers have tweeted their approval (or their owners did the tweeting), and it looks like the treat is a success.

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