Rescuer Trying To Find Owner Of African Grey Who Flew Into A UK School Classroom

Anyone who might be missing a parrot is encouraged to contact the parrot rescue.

African grey
An African grey much like this one flew into a UK classroom.

A school in the UK got a big surprise when an African grey flew into one of their classrooms. The African grey flew around the Unity Academy in Blackpool, before was captured by teacher Trevor Tomes. He ended up taking care of the bird at his home until he turned over to Lynn Parkinson, who is a charity worker at Problem Parrots, a UK parrot rescue.

“It seemed quite happy when I went to pick it up,” Parkinson told the BlackBpool Gazette. “It was whistling and saying ?ello!?

Now Parkinson is trying to find out where the African grey might have come from, and has started an online appeal to find the owner.

“I?e been looking on the Internet and through different parrot magazines, and I?e called all the vets in Blackpool,” she told the Blackpool Gazette. It’s been no luck though: While people have thought it might be their missing birds, they haven’t been able to identify the African grey’s leg band number.

Parkinson fears that someone might try to claim the bird when it isn’t theirs, and sell it. She is asking the rightful owner to contact her through the Problem Parrots website, so she can get this bird home where it belongs.

African greys are great pet birds, and considered one of the smartest parrots. They have a lifespan of around 50 to 70 years, and need lots of bird toys and good foods to keep them happy and healthy. Hopefully this African grey finds its home soon!

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