Rescued Pets Find A “Home 4 the Holidays”

Iams Home 4 the Holidays helps nearly 1.3 million animal adoptions and provides 5.5 million meals to shelter partners in 2012

rescue dogIams Home 4 the Holidays, one of the world’s largest pet adoption drives, announced that nearly 1.3 million pets were placed in forever homes between Oct. 1, 2012 and Jan. 2, 2013. As part of the annual drive Iams has donated more meals than ever before, with 5.5 million bowls of food going to homeless pets, surpassing the original goal of 5 million donations.

More than 8.3 million pets have been placed in forever homes since Iams and founding partner Helen Woodward Animal Center, along with thousands of animal organizations across the globe partnered to do something about shelter overpopulation when the program first started in 1999.

“We’re celebrating the fact that in just three months we helped save the lives of almost 1.3 million animals,” says Mike Arms, founder of the adoption drive and president of Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Homes were found for:

Adoption wasn’t the only way people got involved this year as the program also focused on providing proper nutrition for pets still awaiting families.

Consumers were able to share their passion for pets and help Iams donate food to participating animal shelters by buying specially marked bags of food, taking part in the Digital Dish Drive on the Iams Facebook page or joining the Iams Life Long Rewards program at local shelters or online. Meals donations were also triggered through the Iams YouTube page with every view, like or share of YouTube sensation Andrew Grantham’s Singing Pets Holiday Video.

“From the millions of families and pets who have been impacted over the years, to the more than 15.5 million bowls of food Iams has donated in the past three years alone,” says Ondrea Francy, Iams general manager. “We’re very proud of the work we’ve accomplished.”

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