Rescued Male & Female Western Ground Parrot Doing Fine At Perth Zoo

Saved from the devastating fires that destroyed their habitat, these western ground parrots will be put into a breeding program at Perth Zoo.

Perth Zoo/Facebook
“In good hands!” writes the Perth Zoo Facebook. “One of the rarest birds in the world were given a health check at the Zoo today!”

We reported late last week how 90 percent of the western ground parrot habitat was destroyed by a fire. Researchers and conservationists still don? know how many western ground parrots are left after the fires. With such a small population, estimated to be around 140 birds, it could be grim.

There is some hope though. We reported that two parrots, a male and a female, were rescued and taken to Perth Zoo to recover.

The birds have been examined by veterinarians and, according to ABC:

“Senior zookeeper Matt Ricci said the two new birds would join five others in a captive breeding program. 

?he ideal result … is to start breeding and producing viable birds in captivity, and then looking in the future to be repopulating the areas where they can survive and hopefully take off again,?he said. 

“I think it’s very important to secure their environment as well and protect them in the wild but to have that security of birds that you know are safe in captivity I think is very important.?

The Perth Zoo has worked to improve the aviaries in preparation for the 2015 breeding season. They?e added CCTV system with audio capability so they can monitor the birds 24-7.

“With little known about this elusive parrot, the addition of audio has provided some fascinating information about how they are communicating. Eventually this may allow researchers to recognise the exclusive male and female calls which could help provide a better idea of the wild populations,?Ricci said in a Perth Zoo press release.

“This year we also saw a nest building and pairing behavior and although we?e still got a long way to go, this certainly provides hope for future breeding success.?

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