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From Virginia with Love

On Dec. 17, 2004, Clem and Lydia Biel caravanned from Toronto, Canada, to St. Petersburg, Fla., with two friends. They reached their overnight hotel in Hillsville, Va., tired but in good spirits. The couples checked in and drove to their respective rooms. As Lydia and Clem reached theirs, they saw a tiny calico cat in the beams of their car’s headlights. It ran away when they got out.

Over breakfast the next morning, the friends said they heard the cat had been living around the hotel for some time and that someone gave a receptionist some money to have the cat caught and euthanized. Lydia was horrified and decided to act before resuming their journey south. They searched the grounds of the hotel but failed to find the cat and continued on their journey.

The couple spent many hours in Florida, talking about the little cat. They agreed to take the cat back to Toronto with them if she still was there on their way home.

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