Rescue Kitten Rolls (And Runs, And Boats) With A Husky Dog Pack

Rosie the kitten was raised by Lilo the Husky and fully behaves like a member of the pack.

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Rosie holds her own with her Husky pack. Via lilothehusky/Instgram
Anastasia Thrift

A little kitten grew up to be a mighty Husky dog (in her mind).

Rosie the rescue kitten bonded with Husky Lilo as a very young kitten, and she has stayed by the dog’s side her whole life.

Owners Thi, Thoa and Tram Bui sometimes foster cats and took in the tiny tabby, found by their coworker, and rushed her to the dog’s side when the kitten needed help.

“We were providing all the human care we could, but we realized she needed a mother,” Thoa Bui told “A breathing, beating heart to nestle next to. So we paired her with Lilo, who had shown motherly instincts toward our other fosters, but we never let her near one that young before.”​​

The Buis say Lilo the Husky took to motherhood quickly. She lifted Rosie’s spirits and got her to eat, drink — even use the bathroom.

“I was surprised Lilo even knew how to do all that because she’s never even had puppies of her own,” Thoa said. “In fact, Lilo was just spayed the week before we got Rosie. So Rosie grew up thinking she was a Husky, and she even goes on walks with them!”​ ​ 

Rosie met the rest of the pack slowly, starting when she was about 7-8 weeks old. Lilo lent the little cat a bit of cred.

“They seemed to take it well because Lilo is the pack leader and she was very protective of Rosie, so the rest of the pack accepted Rosie pretty well,” Thoa said.

And fierce Rosie also knew how to hold her own.​

From our walk earlier today! Can you spot everyone????????????????????? #liloandrosie

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“Rosie started mimicking Lilo very early on,” Thoa said. “They would play together and run around the house. Then when introducing her to the pack, we would do activities together such as walking to the park, and Rosie would be carried. Soon enough she wanted to walk with them too. After that, it just became normal that she would do whatever the dogs were doing with them.” ​ 

Urban Mushing with the crew! ????????????????—???? #liloandrosie A photo posted by Lilo, Infinity, & Rosie (@lilothehusky) on

The Buis had some reservations about taking Rosie out with the dogs. Their main concern was when other people would approach her with their dogs. But Lilo is still protective, as are the Buis, and all eyes are on Rosie and her surroundings when they’re out.​

Made everyone brand new button bandanas!???? How does the crew look????? #liloandrosie

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“The older she gets, the better she is able to keep up with them,” Thoa said.

And it sounds like all Rosie wants to do is hang out with her pack. During the day, the Buis keep Lilo and Rosie separated, saying that “because Lilo doesn’t know she’s so big, she can hurt Rosie without realizing it.” This makes things rough on the pair. ​ 

Braving the waves and kayaking on the choppy waters of Lake Tahoe!???????? #liloandrosie A photo posted by Lilo, Infinity, & Rosie (@lilothehusky) on

“When they are separated during the day, Lilo lays by the door where Rosie is, and Rosie lies on the other side,” Thoa said. “They both whine and cry like Romeo and Juliet. It’s super hilarious because when they get to see each other again, both of them go crazy. Rosie zooms around Lilo and Lilo spins around and around. It’s super cute.”​​

Made a trip to see the lake! It was so cold, but the scenery was AMAZING???? #liloandrosie

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Luckily Rosie has found a way to stay close to her favorite Huskies. You can follow her adventures on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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