Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time And LOVES It

Millie the Bull Terrier got to experience a bed for what is probably the first time, and she went nuts for it.

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And she's still available for adoption! Via Hill Stafford/The Huffington Post

This is Millie. She’s adorable.

She’s so adorable, in fact, that her reaction to playing on a bed (for what is probably the very first time) is equally as cute with a capital “C.”

In a video posted to Facebook by her foster mom, Jill Stafford, Millie gets a paws-on experience with a big ol’ bed, and she basically loses her mind. She crawls, she flips, she wiggles, and she inevitably gets tangled in the blankets. It’s the coziest chaos you’ve ever seen.

Millie learns about beds. Hilarious

Posted by Jill Stafford on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stafford took Millie home to upstate New York after the 7-year-old Bull Terrier was given over to Pibbles and More Animal Rescue, the The Huffington Post reports. Millie’s past is mostly unknown, but based on her physical shape, she has possibly birthed quite a few puppies and she did not spend much time outside of a crate… or jumping on beds or, apparently, chewing on bones.

“She didn’t know what to do with it,” Stafford told The Huffington Post about Millie’s first bone. “She picked it up and set it down probably 20 times. Then she just looked at it.”

Even though she seems to be a late bloomer when it comes to all the things that dogs should enjoy, Millie certainly doesn’t hold back on the happiness front.

First time she has done tornado Zoomies outside!! Probably because her paw is healing nicely and she can run around now!

Posted by Jill Stafford on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

And Millie is available for adoption. You could take home this amazing, jolly little creature and shower her with all the things she should’ve received long ago.

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