Rescue Dogs And Rescue Ducklings Become The Most Unlikely Of Besties

A Pit Bull pair befriend two fuzzy ducklings and have the incredible pics to prove their bond.

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Squad goals. Via lifeofpikelet/Instagram
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Pit Bulls are so vicious. They only befriend, like, two baby ducks at a time.

Pikelet and Patty Cakes are two such terrible dogs who bonded with orphaned ducklings this month in Sydney, Australia, owner Calley Gibson-Stoll wrote on Bored Panda.

Gibson-Stoll fosters animals and Pit Bull Pikelet is always a nurturing presence around puppies. Patty Cakes, a later Pit-Bull-mix adoption, also offers a source of support and comfort to foster pets in the house. So when two baby ducks — donned Penguin and Popinjay — came around, Pikelet and Patty didn’t hesitate to help.

Gibson-Stoll wrote on Bored Panda that Patty took over the ducklings’ mom role but that both dogs help with day-to-day duck duties. The dogs and ducks all eat, sleep and play together, not to mention pose for incredibly adorable photos under the lifeofpikelet Instagram page.

What a #quacker of a day ☀️

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“We often visit a local park where both the pups and ducks can run and play and we even visit the small harbour dog beach where everyone can enjoy a swim together on really hot days,” Gibson-Stoll wrote.

Road trip #motherduckers!!! ⚡️????????????????⚡️

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The ducklings will be adopted as a pair, and Gibson-Stoll says that Patty will be consulted for approval in finding the perfect forever home. We know he will be the best judge for his young charges.

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