Rescue Dog Wins Over His Owner With His Beautiful Grin

Who could resist this dog's big, goofy grin?

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Smile dog
Milo's radiating happiness is contagious. Via mysterypibble/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Bad moods — we all have them occasionally, right? Not Milo. This 5 and 1/2-year-old pupper is always smiling, and his unique human-like grin is one of the reasons his owner, Ivy Rylander, decided to give him a forever home. Rylander and her partner were living in the Bay Area in California, and felt ready to adopt a dog when they came across a photo of the then 8-month-old Milo on The Perfect Dog rescue's website. "(I) fell in love with his sweet face and read his profile, which described him as a very sweet and shy boy," Rylander told  


  "The founder of The Perfect Dog rescue and his foster parents decided to bring him over to our apartment to meet as he could be pretty shy at adoption events," Rylander added. "We just tossed treats in his direction as we all sat on the ground talking. He was finally comfortable enough to lay down and relax and we pet him a little. We signed up for a foster-to-adopt trial period to make sure everyone adjusted, but we knew then that he was home."

He is full of joy and love. Spread kindness today ??

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And once Milo got more and more adjusted to his new family, his personality really began to shine. "He smiles so much! He smiles the biggest when we're out hiking or when everyone is home and giving him attention. He has a cute little smile, almost with dimples," Rylander told us.

And his smile isn't the only unique thing about him. Milo also has a curly tail and wavy wisps of fur around his ears, neck and paws. In order to determine his breed, the rescue group did a DNA test, which came back as three quarters Staffordshire and a quarter Lab. Whatever mix Milo is, he's unforgettably adorable. Have you ever seen a dog so happy? "My favorite thing about Milo is when I come home from work and he comes running up to me for a hug and pets," Rylander said.

Just looking at him is therapeutic.

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