Rescue Dog Returns To Shelter 11 Times So Staff Finally Adopts Him

Gumby was adopted seven times but he couldn’t stop running away.

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Gumby dog
For a while, no fence could keep Gumby from running away. Via Charleston Animal Society
Stephanie Brown

The staff at Charleston Animal Society kept trying to find a forever home for Gumby the dog. But Gumby knew the no-kill shelter was where he wanted to be all along.

He was adopted out seven times, voluntarily surrendered to CAS eight times, and picked up as a stray three times, according to BarkPost. After running away from his adoptive families time and time again, Gumby now lives at the shelter in North Charleston, South Carolina, and serves as an ambassador.

Gumby always ended up back at the shelter. Via Voice of Animals/Facebook

The staff first became acquainted with Gumby in September 2014 when he was brought in as a stray. He was about five years old, and staff suspected he was a runaway, since he was pretty healthy and well-fed. They tried to find him a forever home, but the adoptions never lasted too long.

His first adoption lasted just three days. The next one, only six days. The third time he was adopted, he returned to CAS four times – dropped off once by a good Samaritan, once by animal control, and twice by his adopter. The man who adopted finally returned Gumby to the shelter for good because he feared the dog would get hurt or even killed while on the lam. The fourth time he was adopted, Gumby showed up at the shelter four months later branded as a stray. The fifth time, he showed up at CAS’s sister shelter 30 miles away two months after being adopted. The sixth time didn’t last long either. Gumby’s seventh and final adoption last less than a month. The man said Gumby had ran away three times during that brief period.

Gumby the HERO dog who returned to the shelter 11 times and donates blood for treatments for sick kittens eyes …LOVES his new bowl from TD Bank! #herodog #TDBANKSaves #adoptatcas

Posted by Charleston Animal Society on Friday, June 10, 2016

The staff finally stopped trying to place Gumby in a home, and decided to keep him at the shelter. It was the one place Gumby never really tried to escape from. He also seemed to help comfort the shelter’s other dogs. Now Gumby assists the behavior team with behavioral demonstrations and acclimating new pups. He also donates blood for serum that is used to treat the eyes of kittens impacted by upper respiratory infections.

Gumby has finally found his forever home — a little unconventional, but a loving home nonetheless.

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