Rescue Dog Rescues Human

When Janet Wilhelm slipped and broke her hip, her dog Mabel dragged her to a phone.

We’ve all heard the saying that our rescue dogs rescue us, oftentimes by providing emotional support and companionship. For Janet Wilhelm, that saying went a bit further. Wilhelm, a labor and delivery nurse, had been in her garage putting dog food in bins when she slipped, fell and injured her hip, fracturing her pelvis in five places, according to WFAA.

“It was one of those moments where, ‘Am I going to get out of this?’” she told WFAA. “I could not move. It was just debilitating.”



Luckily, the dog she and her husband had rescued three years prior – a black Labrador named Mabel – came to Wilhelm’s rescue. Wilhelm grabbed Mabel’s collar and the dog started backing up toward the house, WFAA reports. Wilhelm assumed the dog was trying to get away from her. Instead, Mabel was trying to get her human to safety, dragging her for an hour and a half until she was close enough to reach a phone, which Wilhelm used to call her husband. Had Mabel not been there, Wilhelm would have been stranded for eight hours, WFAA reports, which would have complicated her recovery. Thanks to Mabel, Wilhelm may only need two weeks to be able to walk again.


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