Rescue Dog Raises Kittens

Ms. Jackson crosses pet boundaries to become a canine foster mom to kittens.

Ms. Jackson, a rescue dog, is capturing the hearts of internet users with her love for two homeless kittens to whom she now plays foster mom.

Adopted by a family who fosters kittens, Ms. Jackson has had a lot of experience caring for kitties; but when these two roly-poly babies were introduced to her, it was love at first mew. Immediately Ms. Jackson began cleaning, caring for, and cuddling the two babes – and acting as if they were her very own offspring.

“She was letting them try to nurse this morning … It was too much.” said imgur user jeckhrdt.

What’s really too much? The pictures!

These photos, and more, are from the Imgur page gallery of Ms. Jackson the rescue dog and her kittens.

Admit it, you let out a squee! or two, right?

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