Rescued Street Dog Is Constantly Playing Dress Up

Skye is a former stray dog who struggled to survive on the streets. Then a family rescued her, and now they play dress-up all the time.

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Now that Skye has a forever home, play time is all the time. Via Indian_Dogue/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

This is the story of a dog named Skye who went from rags to riches.

Well, more specifically, Skye went from surviving on the streets of India to living with her forever family, who love to dress her up.

It all started once upon a time when Skye was just a puppy and her parents and siblings were tragically run over. Skye miraculously survived, and at 5 months old she was adopted. The eldest daughter of her new family, Shai, decided Skye could use a makeover — a new look to go with her new happy life — so she started dressing her up and posting the photos on Instagram (@Indian_Dogue). Skye also has a blog that details her amazing background and will showcase her raddest outfits.

So it’s a slightly unique retelling of your classic Cinderella story, but still just as touching.

Here are some of Skye’s cutest costumes.

1. Going Green On St. Paddy’s Day

“I’m totally pulling off these goggles, right?”

2. Beachy Babe

“Hard pass on the kiddie sand shovels. Nothing digs quite like these paws.”

3. Harry Potter Pup

Just like Harry, Skye has found her place in the world, surrounded by her people.

4. Canine Cook

“Sure, I can cook you something. But I may or may not eat it before I hand you the plate.”

5. Academy Award Winning Pup

“I have so many humans to thank. No… please don’t play the music. Not yet!”

6. Doctor Dog

“I’ll write you a prescription for Puppy Love. So, three face licks per day and take them with some snuggling before bed. Sound good?”

7. Karate Pup

“Do not underestimate me. As you can see, I’m a red belt AND a black belt sooooo…”

8. Puppy Sans Pants

“Oops! Caught me in the middle of a wardrobe change.”

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