Shelter Dog In Ohio Helps Save Stray Kitten Stuck In Sewer

Dogs have a reputation for chasing cats, but in this case a dog actually saved a cat.

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Leopard, a shelter dog in Ohio helped to rescue a kitten stuck in a sewer. Via Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter/Facebook
John Virata

Leopard is a Shar Pei mix who currently lives at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Valley View, Ohio, as she waits to go to her forever home. By all accounts, she is a sweet-natured dog and a favorite of volunteers who walk the shelter dogs every day. She has been described as extraordinarily mellow, friendly and easy going. And now you can add hero to the list of adjectives that describe Leopard since she arrived at the shelter.

While out on a walk November 14 with shelter volunteer Freida Feher, Leopard suddenly stopped in front of a sewer grate right outside the shelter doors and would not budge, according to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

Leopard had heard a cat in distress. The cries came from the sewer below, where a kitten was stuck.

“She just lay by the sewer grate and wouldn’t budge,”  shelter volunteer Freida Feher wrote on the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page. “Then I heard a faint meow… Leopard wouldn’t move… what a hero… and a big thank you to the deputy who pulled the kitty out.”

Thanks to Leopard, the kitten was rescued and already has been adopted out. Now, we hope Leopard will soon find his forever home. After all, it is not too common that a shelter dog rescues a cat in distress.

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