Rescued Dog Picks Out Toy For The First Time

Roo spent the first year of her life starved and neglected. After finding her forever home, it was time for a new toy!

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Let's just give her ALL the toys.

It’s amazing how some moments in life can be so simple, yet so meaningful.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Brian Beker, a rescue dog named Roo gets to pick out her very first toy at a pet shop. This is her first toy ever. Why is that so important? Every pup gets a first toy, right?

Well, when this was filmed in back in November 2012, Roo was 1 year old and, according to Beker, she had spent the first year of her life imprisoned, starved and utterly neglected.

"Hmm... so many shiny new toys to choose from." Via YouTube

“Hmm… so many shiny new toys to choose from.” Via YouTube

The video is making the rounds on the Internet again, and it’s easy to see why. This is really the first key moment of Roo’s normal and happy life with Beker. And it’s wonderful to be able to witness that.

And we have a winner! Via YouTube

And we have a winner! Via YouTube

Beker ended up being the perfect match for the Golden Retriever. Since her adoption, he has been documenting their adventures together on his blog, The Dog in the Clouds. He has also written an e-book about Roo, called “Notes From a Dog Rescue in Progress.”

And little Roo now has all the toys — and love — she could ever need.

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