Remembering Alan Rickman

This doesn't have much to do with dogs other than we know he loved them and we loved him. That's enough for us.

It’s a sad day, a sad week in fact. Only two days after the world said goodbye to David Bowie, we lose Alan Rickman, also at age 69, also from cancer. It’s too much. 

alan rickman 

While DogChannel is not typically a hub for celebrity news, it feels wrong not to honor these amazing individuals who have contributed to our lives through their fine work and also share our love of dogs, so here I go. An attempt to pay some kind of tribute to the talented British actor who’s roles were household names and references, at least in my home.

Alan Rickman 

When I think of Alan Rickman, I think of his voice. That rich voice that sounds like it could tell so many tales, capturing the emotion in every word. A voice I could listen to for hours, and one I will greatly miss hearing. As a Harry Potter fan, I spent years watching Rickman unfold the character of Snape, a role which has made him popular with people of all ages. He brought such life and love to a character who was so often looked at as the “bad guy.” As he did in many of his roles, making us see the full dimensions in everyone of his roles. I’m sure I’ll be watching he movies through the weekend.  

Alan Rickman with a dog Alan Rickman with a dog

While Rickman did not own any dogs, he was a dog lover. And while this interview he did perfectly sums it up, I can’t say I needed it to confirm that he was a dog guy. There’s just something about his warmth, spirit and humor that made it seem so. 

Alan Rickman interview

Rickman: “I don’t mind if there’s a dog around. I love dogs.”

Interviewer: “Really? So you have dog’s at home?”

R: “No, because life as an actor means that my wife and I are away from home a lot and I think that’s not fair on a dog. So we can’t, you know we would be constantly putting it in a kennel. But it will be a wonderful day when I can have a dog.”

I: “What do you think, because you are a dog type of person, and I am a cat type of person, makes them man’s best friend?”

R: “Oh just watch them! You know, with people. And watch cats with people. A cat kinda goes, ‘Yes I’ll stay in your home a minute or two if you keep feeding me. Otherwise I’ll just find somebody in the street and go sniff out their home, it might be better.’ Dogs leap down the stairs and are thrilled to see you and hang by the door until you get home. It’s pretty evident when it’s in front of you.”

Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman, Gambit 

Rickman, you will be greatly missed, but we know there will be a whole slew of happy dogs waiting at the door to greet you on the other side.  

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