Remember Rosie The Kitten Who Thinks She’s a Husky Dog? Now She’s Kayaking With Her Pack

Little kitten Rosie and her canine family of Husky dogs hit the water for kayaking adventures.

Kayaking like nbd.

Rosie the rescue kitten gave us the feels last month when we met her, her adoptive Husky mama, Lilo, and her “pack.” Now, the little kitten that could is back in action with a new adventure: kayaking!

During a recent epic day out, Rosie took to California’s open seas alongside her humans, surrogate mom, Lilo, and Husky sister, Infinity, indulging in a kayaking and paddleboard excursion. The fearless feline looked like such a pro out on the water, resting alongside Lilo and Infinity, and getting her paws wet – proving that, contrary to popular belief, cats and water sometimes create a recipe for success.

A candid shot of lovely little Rosie?????? #liloandrosie #gopro

A photo posted by Hello! We Are Lilo&Infinity!?? (@lilothehusky) on

Watch a video of Rosie kayaking with Infinity above, and check out the ultra-adorable paddleboard pics starring little Miss Rosie and Lilo below.

Early morning paddle boarding before Cali is scorched in 100 degree heat this weekend! Keep cool everyone!?????? #liloandrosie

A photo posted by Hello! We Are Lilo&Infinity!?? (@lilothehusky) on

Want more Rosie and Lilo? Follow the purrfect pair on Instagram @lilothehusky, or search hashtag #liloandrosie on social media.

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