Remake of 1980s Horror Film “Cujo” Announced

Dog lover's beware. Your worst nightmare is back.

30 years have gone by and the dog world has just finished washing the foul taste of the horror filmCujoout of their mouths, and Hollywood has decided to take another go at it. The original movie, based on a Stephen King novel of the same name, was about a family dog, who goes from gentle giant to menacing monster after becoming infected with rabies from a bat bite.


Sunn Classic Pictures is the studio behind the remake, which is titled “C.U.J.O.” The film will take a different approach at the story, with a strong military theme, using C.U.J.O. as an acronym for Canine Unit Joint Operations. Nothing else is known yet about the story.

It will probably go without saying, but this movie is not going to be one for dog lovers. If you don’t know anything about the original movie, suffice it to say that the dog is not the hero of the movie, and I’m sure this one will follow suit. If you want to watch a dog movie with a military theme portraying the dog in a positive light, check out these military dog movies.  


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