Relocating your Dog

Prepare your move to another state with proper health documentation for your dog.

Q.  I recently decided that I want to move to Alaska. I have Boxers and Weimaraners. Is it safe to take them with me? Are they okay to be up there in below 45 degree temperatures? (They won’t be outside.) Will authorities allow me to take them across the border?

Dr. Jon GellerA. If you cross the border into Canada, you should make sure you have current rabies certificates for your dogs, and health certificates. Your veterinarian can provide you with both. The health certificate basically says that your dog is healthy; the rabies certificate documents the most recent rabies vaccine.

If you were to fly to Alaska, you would need the same thing, including a statement from your veterinarian that your dogs are healthy enough to make the flight in the cargo hold.

Parts of Alaska may be milder than West Virginia, so I would not worry too much about the weather. If you are in an area infested with mosquitoes, make sure your dogs are protected with heartworm preventative. Don’t let your dogs roam in areas inhabited with brown bear and moose.


Jon Geller, DVM

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