Relief Sent to North Dakota for Animal Victims

Volunteers arrive to help care for displaced pets at temporary shelters.

The animals affected by the flooding in Fargo, N.D., are getting help from various organizations who are working to make sure that pets and their rescuers are safe.

PetSmart Charities sent an Emergency Relief Waggin’ trailer stocked with 16 tons of pet food and supplies. In addition, the nonprofit organization provided a back-up trailer loaded with essential care items.

Initial reports are that at least 1,000 pets could be affected, said Susana Della Maddalena, PetSmart Charities executive director. “We have doubled the amount of supplies we typically send, and we have a third vehicle on standby,” she added.

The trailers delivered 26 pallets of pet food and supplies, and emergency relief equipment for rescuers and caregivers, including crates, beds, litter and litter pans, tents, lights, and a generator.

The American Humane Association also deployed to North Dakota to help rescue pets. Twelve animal emergency rescue responders were sent to Valley City, N.D., to set up a temporary animal shelter for up to 450 displaced pets and animals.

In addition, volunteers with United Animal Nations’ Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) are on the ground in Fargo to care for the animals being evacuated in advance of anticipated flooding. The EARS volunteers are working at a temporary shelter, where more than 80 animals have already been evacuated by their families, said Nicole Forsyth, president and CEO of the organization.

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