Reefkeepers: Donate to Victims of Philippine Typhoon

The Philippines, which provides the majority of marine species for the aquarium trade can use all the help it can get.

Many reefkeepers may or may not realize the fact that the vast majority of marine species for the aquarium trade are harvested from reefs in the Philippine islands. Some of you may or may not be aware that the island nation was devastated last week by the largest typhoon to ever hit land, with several thousand dead and entire towns flattened by the fierce winds and the resulting 15 foot storm surge that inundated many areas of the central Visayas region of the country. Close to 10 million people have been adversely affected by this natural disaster, with about 600,000 without homes to go home to.

Because we as marine fish and reefkeepers enjoy our hobby, which is supplied with livestock largely by fisherman living in the Philippines on islands such as Leyte and Samar, it is time for us to step up and donate to help the Filipino people affected by this natural disaster to get back on their feet. The aquarium industry is estimated to be worth $9-15 Billion worldwide. The Philippines provides a huge number of its natural resources for this industry. Take the time and donate to the Red Cross, CARE, Oxfam, and a host of other reputable organizations that have mobilized to help the people in their time of need. If each of us would donate as much or little as we can, the price of a clownfish perhaps, the people will be grateful. Karma will pay you back as you pay it forward.

Below is a short list of organizations that are working to help the Philippines in its recovery.

Red Cross





World Food Program USA

International Rescue Committee

Save the Children

Doctors Without Borders

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