Reef One BiUbe Aquarium Kit

9 gallon nano tank with circular style.

The biUbe is a new addition to the line of small aquarium kits from Reef One. It is a beautiful 9-gallon tank, and it certainly stands out from other nano tanks on the market.

Reef One Biube

The Claims
Reef One claims that its new biUbe has a distinct style, while not compromising water quality or living conditions for the fish and invertebrates in the tank.

The Test
I set up the biUbe in the hallowed place on the peninsula in the kitchen that my wife, Saint Janet, allows for small tanks that I am testing for this column. I decided to test the biUbe by setting it up as a marine tank, so I used water and live rock from two of the large marine systems I have in my fish room. For livestock, I added three aquacultured clownfish–two ocellaris and one tomato–and some hermit crabs and snails. I ran the biUbe for three months, feeding the residents only dry foods. During the test period, I did two 25-percent water changes and treated the tank for some red slime algae when it reared its ugly head.
The Results

The biUbe was a resounding success–so much so that my wife actually wanted me to leave the biUbe in the sacred place on the peninsula after the test period. The fish and invertebrates thrived in the biUbe from day one. The light was sufficient to slowly grow some purple coralline algae, and the blue moonlight was nice to have on in the kitchen coming home late at night. The circular shape of the biUbe is unique, and somehow the fish seem to really like it, circling around without having to make 90-degree turns.

The Reef One biUbe is an excellent product, and I strongly recommend that hobbyists use it. It would be great if the light were a bit brighter and if the feeding hole in the cover would be a little larger. But the tank’s size (9 gallons) makes a better environment than smaller nano tanks, and the round shape is both attractive as an item of decor and is apparently good for the fish. The biUbe would make an excellent aquarium for the kitchen, a desk or a child’s room.

Reef One
biUbe Aquarium Kit

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