Reef-Eden to Ship Dedicated Seahorse Aquarium

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John Virata

I’ve never kept seahorses due in part to their delicate nature and specific enclosure requirements. Captive-bred seahorses are widely available, and now, Reef-Eden announced that it will ship in August its SYNGNA system that is designed specifically for keeping and breeding seahorses in an environment that the company says is very conducive to the well-being of these interesting creatures. 

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According to the company, the SYNGNA system employs a Tunze circulation pump that combines surface skimming and bottom scavenging that feeds a high velocity stream of water to a large volume bio-media chamber. The water flow is then diverted downward by gravity to the base of the aquarium and exits via baffles that convert the high velocity water flow into a smooth mass volume water motion that the company says occurs in the natural environment of seahorses. This arrangement avoids localized turbulence or excessive water motion that is typical when using standard pumps and powerheads, the company said. A Tunze skimmer rated at up to 1.5 times the system’s actual capacity comes standard as do Cree XH-G and ML-E series 16k LEDs build in conjunction with German company Giesemann Aquaristik. 


The enclosure itself is built in the UK out of CNC machined ultra-clear cast acrylic in an 80 liter, 43x43x43cm desktop form factor and a larger 220 liter 60x60x60 form factor with a matching stand.

The company says the system is ideal for those who wish to use it for display purposes complete with algae and sea grasses, as well as in a bare bottom configuration for those who wish to breed seahorses.


  • Construction: CNC machined Cast acrylic main body with glass rear cover plates, removable rear diffuser plate and inner substrate tray with flow underpass feature.
  • Dimensions: 43x43x43cm / 60x60x60cm (outer dimensions excluding light bar)
  • Optional cabinet for SYNGNA-220: Giesemann Aquaristik manufactured in high gloss white or black with color matched laminate glass front door panel. 60x60x70cm (LWH)
  • Filtration: low wattage high efficiency Tunze filtration system incorporating Tunze comline / turbelle pumps and Tunze comline skimmer technology, combined with large volume bio-media chamber with capacity for additional media-bag storage.
  • Lighting:  Giesemann Aquaristik manufactured 16K LED lighting system incorporating high efficiency Cree XH-G Leds.
  • Connectivity: 2 x rear ports with removable hosetails:
  • Optional extras: Rear mounted overflow box for connection to sump systems / Breeders removable slot in Micro-Mesh safety screen.


  • UK: SYNGNA-80 Desktop RRP £829.95 / SYNGNA-220 including cabinet RRP £1529.00
  • US**: SYNGNA-80 Desktop RRP $1369.00 / SYNGNA-220 including cabinet RRP $2599.00
  • Availability: UK / Europe (JULY-AUGUST 2014) US (AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2014) 


** US Prices estimated at time of going to press.

For more information, visit For those of us outside the United States, please visit 

John B. Virata has been keeping fish since he was 10 years old.  He currently keeps an 80 gallon cichlid tank, a 20 gallon freshwater community tank and a 29 gallon BioCube with a Percula clown, a huge blue green chromis, and a firefish all in his kitchen, and a 55 gallon FOWLR tank with a pair of Ocellaris clowns, two blue green chromis, a six line wrasse, a peppermint shrimp, assorted algae and a few aiptasia anemones in his living room. Follow him on Twitter @johnvirata 


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