Reduce Pet Bird Vet Costs

A tip to reduce vet costs for your bird ?prevention

Why does the cost of veterinary care seem to fluctuate so greatly? Laurie Hess, DVM explained that geographic location plays a part. “Like any other service or product, the cost of living varies in different areas, and it’s reflected in the cost of veterinary care in certain areas.”

Cost also depends on the vet’s degree of specialized care offered. An avian vet’s services might be different than that of a practitioner who has little experience with birds. Equipment, services offered and the degree of continuing education all factor into cost. Board certification and years of experience take the level of knowledge further still, according to Hess.

Prevention Pays
You can cut vet costs by reducing risk of disease and injury. Keep your bird properly fed and its environment clean and stimulating. Even simple things such as washing your hands before you handle your bird can help. Prevent injuries by bird-proofing your house. Keep your bird out of the kitchen, turn ceiling fans off when your bird is out of its cage, and supervise other pets and children when they’re near your bird.

Remove houseplants and dangerous objects from beak-reach, and refrain from using bird-harsh chemicals and cleaning products in your home. Check cages and bird toys frequently to prevent injuries. A little prevention will pay big dividends when your bird passes its annual physical with flying colors.

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