Recall Of Land O?akes Animal Food Expanded Again

Land O?akes further expanded its recall of animal foods, adding more Purina Feed, Mazuri and Lab Diet products to the list of recalls.

Land O?akes and its subsidiary PMI Nutrition International, issued a fourth recall of products manufactured at Land O?akes?Richmond, Indiana-based plant due to the potential for elevated vitamin D levels, the companies reported on Friday, July 20, 2012.

Earlier this month, PMI Nutrition recalled four lots of feed after receiving customer complaints of animal illness and death. A few days later, PMI expanded the recall to include three additional lots of feed, and about a week after that, PMI further expanded the recall to include several lots of Aquamax feed and dozens of additional lots of LabDiet and Mazuri feed. On the same day, Land O?akes Purina Feed recalled several lots of feed manufactured at the same Richmond plant where the PMI products were manufactured and Feed Solutions, a DBA of Land O?akes, also recalled several lots manufactured in Richmond that were distributed to Tractor Supply and Del? Feed & Farm Supply stores.

The current expansion of the recall includes one Purina Feed brand, as follows:

Purina Feed told dealers to hold their inventories of the recalled product and urged customers to stop using the product and return it to their retail dealer.

The expanded LabDiet recall includes:

The expanded Mazuri recall includes:

Lot numbers for Mazuri and LabDiet large-bag products are laser-printed on the back of each bag, near the top. Lot numbers on Mazuri and LabDiet small bags are stamped on the package. Lot numbers on Mazuri gel-pack products are printed on the label. Lot numbers on any Mazuri and LabDiet bottles, cans, boxes and small bags products are printed on the label. Lot numbers for Mazuri Alpaca Ultimate are found on the sewing tape of the package.

The Mazuri and LabDiet products were distributed nationwide and to international customers in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Chile and Uruguay. PMI urged customers to return any recalled products to their retailer to receive a refund.

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