9 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Cat Lady

Let's take a minute to appreciate all the awesome things about cat ladies.

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Being a cat lady is seriously the best. Via courtneyjane_27/Instagram
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Now, more than ever before, it’s amazing to be a cat lady. There’s even a day dedicated to it: National Cat Lady Day, a new holiday created by the organizers of CatCon.

“The notion of the cat lady as a dowdy spinster has shifted dramatically over the past few years,” Susan Michals, creator of the all-things-cat convention, said in a press release. “Now it’s chic to be a cat lady!”

Indeed. To celebrate, here are nine reasons why being a cat lady is the best.

1. Cat Ladies Lead The Fashion World

Grace Coddington is the long-time creative director-at-large of American Vogue magazine and a certified cat lady.

2. Cat Ladies Join A Long Line Of Chic Women

MOOD.?Channeling Carole Lombard on #Caturday! ? Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images

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Carole Lombard brought class to everything, including being a stylish woman with a cat.

3. Cat Ladies Can Also Have Less Fashiony Downtime With A Non-Judgemental Friend

“Nature videos and chill.”

4. Cat Ladies Have An Adventure Partner

From castles to coastsides, adventure cats are eager to go on trips with their cool cat ladies.

5. Cat Ladies Always Have A Friend At The Table

Your cat enjoys the the finer things in life, and creature comforts, as much as you do.

6. Cat Ladies Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously. (Cats Won’t Let Them.)

All morning. Everything that I nailed a cat was in the camera. Haha. #catladylife

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Right when you feel like hot stuff, your cats keep you humble enough to not let it go to your head.

7. Cat Ladies Have Their Own Super Cool Subscription Box Service.

You can get tons of amazing stuff from Cat Lady Box every month.

8. Cat Ladies Can Start At Any Age

You can embark on cat-lady-dom as soon as you’d like.

9. Cat Ladies Have The Greatest Roommates and Besties.

You can remain a cat lady all of your days.

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