Real Dachshund Meets Robot Dachshund And Has No Idea What To Make Of It

The Dachshund's mind is understandably blown upon meeting the robot toy version of herself.

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What would YOU do if you met the toy version of yourself?
Chrissa Hardy

Take a moment and visualize how you would react if you were suddenly faced with a battery-powered toy version of yourself. That’d be pretty freaky, wouldn’t it?

Well, in a video uploaded to YouTube in 2013 by Jason Wheeler (and is still circling the Internet world), a Dachshund named Madeline has this very encounter — and has no idea how to react.

Via YouTube

“Are you me? Or am I you? Wait, what’s happening?!” Via Jason Wheeler/YouTube

She is presented with the yappy little robot and, at first, is extremely confused.

Via YouTube

“Yikes, is that what I sound like?” Via Jason Wheeler/YouTube

Then it looks like she embraces the extreme weirdness of the situation and attempts to play with the toy.

Via YouTube

“Okay, fine. Let’s be best friends!” Via Jason Wheeler/YouTube

When the toy doesn’t play back, Madeline forces it to, by poking it with her long nose and knocking it over. And in the end, she embraces her new robot friend as if it’s always been a part of her pack.

Now that’s a great lesson we can all live by: Embrace the strange! You might just end up with a new friend.

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