Ready, Set, Flyball!

Duncans handler vainly tries to hold the excited terrier at the end of the flyball lane while he yelps in anticipation, anxious for his turn to run. And Duncans not the only one yelping; each time a handler even mouths the word ready, the staging area erupts with eager barking. Ultimately, the suspense of waiting proves too much for Duncan, and he breaks free from his handler, grabs a tennis ball from a bucket sitting on the sidelines, and victoriously trots away.

Brenda Mejia, coach of the Palm Springs-based 2Fast4Paws, just laughs, The dogs have fun. They don’t know if they win. Of course, most flyball practices see their share of wandering dogs. But at the end of the day, whether Duncan masters the basics of flyball or not, both dog and owner leave rewarded.

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