Read the Signs and Symptoms of Your Sick Dog

"What’s Wrong With My Dog?” answers anxious dog owners’ questions.

“What’s Wrong with My Dog? A Pet Owner’s Guide to 150 Symptoms and What to Do about Them” is a book as thick as the title is long. But in this case, that’s a good thing. Written by Jack Tedaldi, DVM, this first-aid guidebook could become the owner’s manual for your pet with its easy-to-navigate sections and down-to-earth explanations.

Each symptom (more than 150) falls under a more general heading, keeping similar issues grouped together. The 18 groupings range from “My dog has something stuck,” to “My dog is itchy,” and cover both behavioral problems and physical ailments. Symptoms run the gamut from “My dog has dark pigment in her eye,” to “My dog has a growth on his ear.” Each symptom section details what to look for and what to do and poses multiple questions to dog owners designed to narrow down a symptom’s cause.

Tedaldi also includes tips about when it’s time to see a vet and true stories about dogs he has treated in his own practice with similar problems. Illustrations are provided to give owners a better idea of what to look for and how to apply at-home treatments.

The book also makes sure a dog owner can easily find the information he or she needs, and fast. Each symptom and grouping is tabbed on the edge of the page, making flip-through navigation quick and painless.

“What’s Wrong with My Dog?” is published by Fair Winds Press and is on sale now.

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