9 Animal Facts You Never Knew Because They’re Fake And Were Planted At a Zoo As A Prank

The comedian Obvious Plant left signs with ridiculous trivia around the Los Angeles Zoo.

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Meerly joking. Via Obvious Plant
Anastasia Thrift

Do you know why not to trust a bear, or the reason that penguins wear tuxedos, or which TV show lyrics owls always get wrong? One person has all the fake answers.

Obvious Plant (comedian Jeff Wysaski) left signs around the Los Angeles Zoo with pretend trivia that makes the animals sound like jerks or weirdly historically significant. If you couldn’t get to the zoo a few weeks ago, you’re in luck because he posted them to Facebook.

Check them out.

1. Duck And Cover

If only this were real.

2. Koala-ducational

But what animal was in the wooden teeth?

3. Owl Wrong About Songs

“Cause you’ll be there for me, too.”

4. The 1 Percent

“We only socialize with Puffins.”

5. ESPecially Crafty

The call was coming from inside the zoo.

6. Souper Gibbons

Like little, tiny, old men at the diner.

7. The Sixth Sense

“I see dead people.”

8. Unbearable

Wait, this one’s partly true.

9. Dirty Bird


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