Re-evaluate Sudden Head-Twitching

A cat's twitches may not be related to a recent enema treatment; a visit to the vet is in order.

Q. Recently, our vet had to give my cat an enema. After I brought her home, my cats head started twitching. Two days later the twitching has not stopped. Is this a side effect of the enema? My cat is eating, drinking and walking around normally.

A. This is not likely to be a side effect of the enema. There could be many causes, and I urge you to return to your veterinarian to have your cat re-evaluated. I do not know the age of your cat, but different diagnoses occur with different frequencies depending on the age of the cat.

I am certain that your veterinarian used an enema that is approved for cats, but as a general note to you and our readers I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that not all enemas are safe for cats. Over-the-counter enemas are extremely toxic to cats, and can cause death. Please, if you think that your cat needs an enema, always check with your veterinarian first!

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