Rare Parrot Hatched At Houston Zoo

A St. Vincent Amazon parrot named Mustique Springer has arrived in Texas.

A male St. Vincent Amazon parrot was welcomed at the Houston Zoo in Texas on May 24, 2015. Named after Mustique Island where the St. Vincent is native, as well as the late Fitzroy Springer, Mustique Springer weighed 16.69 grams when he hatched, 
Houston Zoo reports. He now weighs 510 grams. The bird is called Springer for short.

Since Springer? hatching, a team of bird keepers from the zoo has been taking care of him. They?e provided 24-hour care, even taking him home in the process.

“Hand-rearing a bird is a time consuming process,?Chris Holmes, assistant curator of birds and Springer? main caretaker, said, according to Houston Zoo. “Life revolves around the chick? feeding schedule and sometimes you forget to feed yourself! It is very rewarding to know that the chick you are investing so much time in could live for hopefully 40 or more years.?lt;/span>

Springer is the fourth St. Vincent Amazon parrot chick to be hatched at the Houston Zoo; he? the first male since 1972. Baliceaux, Springer? mother, was hatched at the zoo in 1999. This is the first time a bird hatched at the zoo has reproduced. Even though the St. Vincent Amazon parrot population is increasing, the species is “classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with an estimated 734 remaining in the wild based on a 2004 census,?according to Houston Zoo.

Those wishing to see Springer at the zoo will have to wait a few years. In the meantime, other St. Vincent Amazon parrots can be seen in the Birds of the World section of the Houston Zoo.

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