Raising the Image of Cats

The CATalyst Council receives $25,000 from pet insurance company to promote health and welfare of cats.

Veterinary Pet Insurance has donated $25,000 to the CATalyst Council, a nonprofit group founded to promote the health and welfare of cats.

The CATalyst Council will use the funds to create and distribute educational materials to cat owners through veterinary clinics and shelters in conjunction with the American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Cat-Month in June.

Although cats are America’s No. 1 companion animal, they often receive a far lower level of veterinary care than pet dogs, according to research conducted by the CATalyst Council. The group hopes to raise the level of care and welfare of cats supported by the highest quality veterinary care, preventative medicine and cat specific products.

VPI’s data is consistent with the CATalyst Council’s research, according to the Brea, Calif.-based company. For example, despite the large population of cats in the United States, VPI reports that only about 13 percent of its pet insurance policies are for felines. As such, the pet insurance company recently began a nationwide rollout of its Feline SelectSM plan to help improve the opportunities for cats to be protected. The plan has benefits available for the 15 conditions most common to cats, according to VPI, including upset stomach, bladder infections, upper respiratory infections, kidney failure and diabetes.


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